The program was written for Windows 95 so you have to run it in the compatibility mode. !!

 ( Find the file Ljubezen.exe, select it by clicking right button; select properties in the menu and then select compatibility; within it mark "run program in compatibility mode", finall Windows 95 )

Steps to install the program of the Interactive poem Love is God is Love

1.Press the button Download demo
2.A program named PESEM.EXE will be saved in your computer.
(In that map where all downloaded programs are stored. Normally they are found to be on Desktop or in a map My Downloaded Documents. )
If you can't find it use search file tool.
3.Run a program by double-clicking a mouse button while poiniting at a file PESEM.EXE
4.A program is going to ask you 'continue extraction?'.
Press a key y and then Enter ; a program will extract, saving files in that map where a file PESEM.EXE was stored
5.Open that map (if it's not open yet) and therein you will find a program LJUBEZEN.EXE (or LOVE.EXE) ( an icon of a sun??? ).
Double click it in order to start it .
(6.If a program is not installed on Desktop where it's always at your hand, you might find to be useful to drag it from its current place (map) to Desktop by using a mouse.) do 6


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